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Welcome To Spartan Dental

We achieve exceptionally high standards of patient care, by utilizing concrete technological advances, to forge a union between traditional dental methods and new age dentistry.

Modern dentistry has the technical capability to craft exquisite smiles, but it requires the ability of an artist like Dr. Koutros, who is inspired to achieve greatness each time a patient requests a more appealing smile.

This dynamic new facility, with its strikingly sophisticated design, supports the goal of Dr. Koutros and his staff to offer patients superior care with superior service.

Careful attention to detail was no accident during this project. Dr. Koutros spent many hours considering various design elements for his new office. Each operatory incorporates the best technology available into an ergonomically efficient environment, ensuring the patient receives exceptional and stress free care, delivered in the most comfortable manner.

Dr. Koutros and his staff now have the opportunity to practice the art and science of dentistry in an enhanced technological environment that will offer exceptional patient care delivered with unparalleled quality and efficiency.

...Why follow, when you have it within you to be the leader?


"Excellence in dentistry will only be achieved with a commitment to superior service, in a caring, comfortable atmosphere..." -Dr. Elias Koutros

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