When Should A Baby See A Dentist?

When Should A Baby See A DentistAs a new parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your child has the best life you can give them. One of the things you may wonder about is when a baby should see a dentist for the first time.
Here is some information every first time parent should know about babies and dental care!

When Should the Baby First See a Dentist?

Most dentists recommend that your child see a dentist for the first time when their first tooth comes in, or by the age of one. If your child has teeth in or is over the age of one and has not yet seen a dentist, now is a great time to schedule an appointment and have your child seen.
Why Should a Child Be Seen so Early?
Most dentists recommend that you visit a dentist early for a few reasons. First, getting your child used to the dentist at a young age is a positive. Approximately 10 to 25 percent of the population has some form of anxiety or nervousness when visiting a dentist. When people go as children, they have grown up going to the dentist and know what to expect, which can ease some of these fears.
Another benefit to going to the dentist early on is so that a dentist can show you how to properly brush and care for the teeth that are coming in. Many new parents do not know how to clean a baby’s teeth, especially a baby that doesn’t like to have their teeth cleaned. A dentist can show you how to properly clean the teeth and gums and how to encourage your child to do it themselves as they grow.
The last reason that you should take your baby to the dentist early on is so that the dentist can look at the baby’s teeth and ensure they are erupting, or coming in, as they should. If the teeth are not coming in properly, a dentist may need to schedule another visit to watch the teeth and ensure they come in as they should.
What Happens at the First Appointment?
During your first visit with a dentist, the dentist will likely ask you to hold the baby on your lap as they look inside the mouth. They will examine any teeth that are already present, the gums and the jawbone. They will also ask you questions about your child’s teething habits and teach you how to care for your child’s incoming teeth. Unless something seems amiss, no x-rays will be done and no teeth cleaning will be done.
When Should a Child Go Back?
Most dentists recommend that you schedule your next appointment with a dentist around your child’s second birthday. At this time, your child’s baby teeth should be in. Regular teeth cleaning and routine appointments every six months should begin between the ages of two to three.
If your baby is beginning to get teeth in or you have concerns about your child’s teeth, we would love to help. Call Spartan Dental today to schedule an appointment so your baby can see one of our dentists!

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