Children Dental Care: 5 Tips For Healthy Teeth

dental care for children 5 tips to foster healthy teeth in kidsAt Spartan Dental, we know how frustrated parents can get when it comes to teaching children to brush their teeth. Are they doing a good job? Could your child have a cavity for skipping flossing?
When you bring your child in to see us in our Cranston office, we’ll provide education and support for you. These tips can help your child to have healthy oral practices for years to come.

5 Tips to Foster Healthy Teeth in Kids

#1: Lead by example
The best way to ensure your children know how important brushing and flossing is happening is to be by doing it yourself. Let children, even at a young age, watch you brush your teeth. This also opens the door to conversations about why it’s important and why you floss. Children follow the example their parents set.
#2: Make it fun
It’s not very enjoyable to sit in front of the sink scrubbing teeth. However, when you make the process fun, kids are more likely to embrace it. For example, teach children to hum a song while they are brushing their teeth. Choose one that is about three minutes long – the amount of time that children should brush their teeth for, at least. Any song your child knows will work well here.
#3: Give them the best tools
Even in the best situations, children are only going to do an okay job brushing their teeth when they are young. To amplify the results, try switching up the toothbrush with an electric version. There are many kid-friendly and kid-sized electronic toothbrushes on the market today. These are exceptional because they create far more reach and scrubbing power without damaging the child’s gums. You’ll need to teach your child to use it and monitor their use, but these toothbrushes make the best use of any time spent brushing.
The same is true for flossing. Choose interesting colors or unique styles of flossers. It’s important that parents handle this part of the process due to the risk of cutting into the gums. Newer products make this easier to do than ever.
#4: Reward positive results
Teach children the importance of brushing. We’ll help you with this when you bring your child in for his or her dental exam. The key is to teach them how to brush, but also what happens when they don’t. They need to understand the direct correlation between not brushing and developing cavities. Then, when your child visits us with stunning results on their next exam, offer some type of reward.
#5: Bring them in to a favorite location
Choosing a child-friendly dentist is important. Dr. Koutros and the entire team work hard to ensure every child feels welcome and safe at the practice. When you create this type of environment, your child will enjoy coming in to see us. Most importantly, they will learn about healthy oral hygiene.
Find the time to speak to your child about oral health. Then, schedule a dental exam in our office. We’ll help you show your child how to brush his or her teeth properly and give you the tools to make the process a good one!

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