Image0230Veneers are ultra-thin sculpture pieces of porcelain that fit over your front teeth. They are wonderful for fixing teeth that are significantly discolored, chipped, pitted, malformed or crooked. They are also great for closing unwanted spaces or diastemas. In certain situations they can help to create fullness of the upper lip or correct an imbalance.

Unlike crowns or caps porcelain laminate veneers do not require the removal of much tooth structure. They are fabricated in a lab from the impressions taken in our office. During that first visit, your teeth will be slightly trimmed to facilitate the bonding of the veneers. You will leave the office with beautiful temporaries, already improving your smile. When you return in about a week, your life will change forever, as you won`t be able to stop smiling.

Results are usually best when the front 8 teeth are treated, as your profile will also be improved. Come in to take advantage of our free smile analysis and see what you can look like.