Dental Filling: What Happens When You Get One?

dental filling what happens when you get oneYou are almost guaranteed to know someone that has had a filling in their life. Receiving a filling is one of the most common dental procedures there is. Do you know what goes on during a dental filling procedure, though? Perhaps your dentist has indicated that you need to receive a filling and you’re curious as to the actual process. We’re here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about and you’ll be in and out in no time! Keep reading to find out exactly what a dental filling is.

The Process Of A Dental Filling

Upon arrival to the office, your dentist will first administer a local anesthetic. The area will typically go numb after no more than thirty minutes. Once numb, the tooth that has decay in it is drilled so that the dentist can remove any of the damaged areas. Your dentist will probe the area to ensure that all of the decay is removed. Once your dentist is certain that this step is complete and the tooth is clean, your dentist will begin filling the space. There are different options for you to choose from. Finally, the new filling is shaped to best fit your bite. This typically leaves the filling in the same shape that the tooth was.
Now, you may be asking yourself which type of filling will work best for you. First, there are gold fillings. Gold fillings have the advantage of being very durable, but will not match the natural coloring of your teeth. Silver fillings are one of the most popular fillings and for a good reason. They are typically less expensive than many of the other choices and still last around ten years. The downside is that they tend to crack more often than other fillings which leads to needing a replacement sooner than expected. The final option is tooth-colored composite fillings. Although composite fillings take slightly longer to apply, they have the advantage of matching the color of your teeth. This is a great option for filling any teeth that show when you smile.
For special circumstances, there is also a temporary filling. A temporary filling is typically used after a root canal or for fillings that require more than one visit to your dentist. Make sure to confirm with your dentist about how soon you will need to get your temporary filling replaced. These are only designed to last up to one month, and a more permanent solution will be necessary.
Do you feel as though you understand dental fillings more now? We hope so! Make sure that you ask your dentist if you have any additional questions about a dental filling, or the procedure. Our practice is happy to assist you with this process, contact us today for more information!

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