Monkey LanderMonkey Lander
Fly the monkey ship and collect the fruit to score points and advance to the next level. Click here to play.
Your quest begins in the gold mines, down in the underworld. Click here to play.
Aqua EnergizerAqua Energizer
Navigate your way through an underwater maze and move the crystals into the drop point. Click here to play.
Pac ManPac Man
Try your luck at this classic game!!! Click here to play.
Master SolitaireMaster Solitaire
This is one of the greatest card games ever invented AND you can play it by yourself!!! Click here to play.
Can you follow instructions really well? If so, try to follow Simon’s every move and earn points as you go!!! Click here to play.
Test your skills with this classic game of naval warfare!
Click here to play.
Crash DownCrash Down
Are you ready to play CRASH DOWN?
The aim of the game is to remove as many squares as possible, which gets harder and harder. Click here to play.
An updated version of the original game… now on-line. Use your arrow keys to direct the worm to the grub. Click here to play.