Image0145The safest thing to do, if you suspect that you may have gum disease, is to go to your dentist. What we have discovered is that almost everyone who suspects there is a problem does have some form of the disease and usually it has progressed beyond early stages.

The use of a dental toothpick or interproximal (between the teeth) brush, when placed between two teeth, with an in-out motion, could be an easy test for you at home. Any sign of bleeding is a warning sign.

Our Dental team is of course, best suited to diagnose periodontal disease. We can better help you understand periodontal disease and what could be done to help you. Dr. Koutros and his staff will quickly and painlessly be able to advise you as to the condition of your gums. We will be able to lay out a course of treatment that may be able to stop the progression of the disease, before you loose any teeth.

Remember! Even healthy looking teeth could have gum disease. Only a Dental Professional could tell with a simple exam.

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