Image0201The Rotadent is not your typical electric toothbrush. Due to its patented microfilament design, it has become the most effective brush in battling periodontitis. You may have heard other companies claim that they are the most effective on the market, and that may be true. The Rotadent toothbrush is not available in stores. It is available only through instruction and upon diagnosis, in the Dental office.

The use of microfilaments, allows the placement of over 4500 bristle tips, as opposed to the 300-500 nylon bristles you will find on store bought brands. These microfilaments are designed to be very flexible, getting deep into the periodontal pocket. They are quite absorbent as well, pulling emulsified bacteria, plaque and food.

The Rotadent is so efficient, with its full rotary design, that it is also classified as an electric flosser.

The Rotadent is available to all our patients, requiring periodontal treatment. The latest 10 year study concluded that patients using the Rotadent system of brushing maintained healthier mouths, better level of disease control and kept more of their own natural teeth.