Image0065To properly manage the Soft tissues of your mouth (gum supporting your teeth), a proper diagnosis must be made. There is a range of periodontal disease from gum inflammation to large amounts of bone destruction.

When laying out a treatment plan, the ultimate goal is to save as many teeth as we can, preferably all of them. To do this a strong relationship of mutual trust, cooperation, and dedication between the Dentist and the patient must develop. Dr. Koutros will tailor a custom treatment plan to suit each patient`s particular needs. The plan will include a detailed explanation of what needs to be done in the office and at home.

Much of the work falls on the patient`s own shoulders. Without a marked improvement in home care, nothing could be done in the office that would save your teeth. Dr. Koutros will also recommend the appropriate medicaments and dental care products that will be beneficial in the long term management of this disease.

Above all remember, there is no quick fix. Dr. Koutros and his staff will be vigilant in reminding you when to return for routine follow-up care and what you will need to be doing at home to keep you and all of us smiling!

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