We at Spartan Dental firmly believe that there is only one way to make dentures the right way.

Don’t fall for gimmicks and double talk that may overwhelm you at an impersonal dental chain. When it comes time to need dentures, you should not feel like you are buying a car or a pair of shoes. No matter what you may hear or see, a choice of dentures made on an assembly line by unqualified persons (or worse, outsourced to another country), is not what you need.

There is only one kind of Denture you need: one custom fit by Dr. Koutros for your mouth. Many dental offices or labs will take an impression and later, if you’re lucky, will try them in before completing it.

Removable Replacement Teeth

  • Who picked out the teeth, the size the shape, the color?
  • Was the denture placed on a mount that accurately duplicates your bite?
  • Did the doctor spend the time to place the all important front teeth in a position that is attractive?
  • Do you want to be one of hundreds of dentures made that day?
  • What kind of attention to detail did they spend?

You deserve better! Your denture should be gorgeous and nobody needs to know that they are dentures. You need to be eating all the foods you have always enjoyed and look great doing it. But looking good is not enough..You need to feel good!

Spartan Dental Experience, the Excellence you deserve!