Image0205Have you ever left a dental office with a new tooth or filling that looked great, only to realize later that it stands out. The reason for this is that most dental offices use high output lights that do not supply a natural light. When viewing your teeth under the soft lighting at home or in the sun, the color has changed.

We use a newly developed shade matching machine that will predictably isolate the appropriate shade for your tooth. Before you leave everything is double checked in our office with special lighting, designed to duplicate most home lighting schemes.

To further enhance shade matching while doing fillings, we use only premium composite fillings that utilize nano-technology to improve shade matching ability.

When it comes to crowns, shade matching is one thing, communicating the results with the lab is something else. Dr. Koutros has developed a relationship with some of the most respected labs in the country. He uses digital photography to ensure that shade matches and customized anatomy is never a problem.