Top reasons why people grind their teeth

Do you ever find yourself grinding your teeth? You might think that this is a bad habit that you have just acquired. However, this is a medical condition that affects people of all ages. There are numerous treatments for teeth grinding, or bruxism. Part of treatment for teeth grinding includes finding the root cause of the issue. Here are some common causes of teeth grinding:


Malocclusion of the teeth is the abnormal alignment of both the upper and lower teeth. This is the top physical cause of teeth grinding. In connection to this, dentists explain that this abnormality in teeth structure prods the involuntary grinding of teeth in their contact. However, some specialists say this probable cause needs confirmation through further clinical observation.


Grinding your teeth can also be an upshot of another disease. Two of the most common diseases that bring about bruxism are Parkinson’s disease and Huntington disease. Both diseases affect the nervous system. Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease lack motor skills as their central nervous systems are attacked by this ailment. Meanwhile, people suffering from Huntington disease lack movement coordination due to this neurological disorder. Whether day or night, those under these two conditions unwillingly grind their teeth.


Kids, especially those under seven years old, experience this dental condition as well. Often times, children grind their teeth when they feel itchiness in their gum area. Such itchiness is caused by the actual growing of teeth. As their teeth grow continuously, their young bodies respond to it with grinding motions especially at night. There are night guards for teeth grinding though that could relieve your children from this condition while they are sleeping. Moreover, this continuous growth tends to produce unfit upper and lower molars. In effect, children subconsciously attempt to make their upper and lower molars fit comfortably teeth grinding. Parents need not worry on this though. Their children will naturally outgrow this condition as soon as their teeth structure becomes improved over time.


Experts concede that stress is the major reason for teeth grinding while asleep. Stress destroys the sleeping cycle. Anyone whose sleeping pattern is disrupted grinds unconsciously grinds his teeth as he rests. You could now guess that the more a person grinds his/her teeth, the more stressed he/she is. If you are tired of constantly fighting the urge to grind your teeth and are looking for a ԛuick solution to your tooth grinding problem you will be glad to know that relief is possible. As few as two sessions, lasting about an hour long each can bring about genuine results. Contact Spartan Dental today to find out what options you have to treat chronic teeth grinding!

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