Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Image0099Wisdom teeth can become a real pain in your mouth! Though when properly erupted they could be an important part of your bite, many times they are misaligned, which can problems!
Wisdom teeth are your last set of molars and can begin to erupt into your mouth in your late teens to early twenties.
If you are lucky, your wisdom teeth will come in straight, but more often than not they are misaligned. They can come in facing any direction. Sometimes they come in horizontally and can damage not only your other teeth but also your Jaw and eventually affect your nerve.
Sometimes your wisdom teeth can become impacted, which is when they struggle to come out of your gums. There are also times when they only come through partially which could lead to an infection as bacteria can grow around the tooth causing much pain.
Because wisdom teeth may cause so many problems when they don’t come in correctly, most dentists recommend you have them evaluated to determine if it would be best to remove them. Whether surgery is needed to remove them or not, the procedure is usually easier in the teenage years before the root has the chance to fully develop with curves.
Only a lucky few don’t have problems with their wisdom teeth, but most people do better if they get them removed before they result in extreme pain or damage to the surrounding tissues and bone!
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